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Lift up to A Better Achievement

Cost-effective and quality dumbbell set with all-inclusive weights, for commercial gym or wholesalers.

Lift up to A Better Achievement Dumbbell Set
  • Complete Dumbbell Sets

    A full selection of dumbbell weight set from 2.5KG to 50KG. Available to train a single muscle or multiple muscles to coordinate complex motions.

  • Adjustable or Fixed Dumbbells

    Adjustable dumbbells are like small versions of barbells with adjustable weight plates attached to each side of the bar, while fixed cast-iron dumbbells with fixed weight plates.

  • For Different Workout Results

    A support equipment for weightlifting and fitness exercise, diverse muscles can get strengthened through different movements, weights and interval frequencies.

  • Drop Test Passed

    Well tried and tested dumbbells you could feel free to buy with trust. The durable coating including rubber, dip, plating and baking grant for exquisite surface and better protection.

From Moderate to High-Intensity Weightlifting

A dumbbell is the most usual gym accessories or fitness tool. It’s also a type of free weight, that is used for weight training individually or in pairs. And there are normally two types of dumbbells which are adjustable dumbbell and fixed-weight dumbbell. MCfitness has both.

For diversified strength and intensity workout demands, you could choose and modify whatever weights you need with our complete dumbbell weight sets.

Moderate to High Intensity Weightlifting Dumbbell Training

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We have all sorts of cost-effective dumbbells with different weight set, housing, coating, and color for your gym’s stylish needs. In addition to the stable supply from reputable dumbbell manufacturers, the timely delivery and considerate post-sales give us a great advantage to stand out.

For the gym, wholesale or distribution, get MCfitness exclusive offer and support of dumbbell or other workout equipment to gain more profits right away.

  • A Real Bargain
  • Samples Available
  • CE Certified
  • Custom Finish and Colors
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