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Elevate Your Strength

An energetic and simple resistance training option to enrich the commercial gym equipment both for facilities and wholesalers.

Elevate Your Strength Plate Loaded Machine Weight Plate
  • Refined Movement

    A great joint between the selectorized machine and free weights, creating a sleek and stable motion with reliable training effects, approachable for first-time users and veterans.

  • Smooth Mechanical Technology

    The high performance and productive workouts root in a simple and smooth defined curve of movement, an effective technology to maximize your strength training.

  • A Long-term Part of a Complete Combination

    Built to meet the demanding busy facilities and high strength users, a necessary fit in a complete package to fulfill a consistent gym.

  • A Diverse Portfolio

    With over 100 diversified plate loaded machines, MCfitness continues to refine your commercial facilities and support workout members to harvest distinct exercise results.

For an Inviting Gym

A plate loaded strength training equipment provides gliding and powerful motion, converging and diverging, for an effective strength training. It contains all functional aspects demanded from a strength training line to draw a wide breadth of exercise members to join in.

For an Inviting Gym Leg Pressing Plate Loaded

More We Offer

MCfitness is a genuine plate loaded machine supplier who is really good at strength training equipment for years. Our plate loaded equipment has appealing look and exceptional performance on or above specifications of some big brands.

Besides, we are ready to show you more plate loaded equipment beyond the screen. Just feel free to contact us and we are happy to help.

  • More Profits
  • 1% Free Parts
  • EN 957 Standard
  • Custom Colors
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