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Premium commercial cardio collection from leading treadmill manufacturers in China, for health clubs, elite athletic training centers, and personal training studios.

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  • Scientific and Entertaining Exercise

    Integrated and intuitive consoles with wireless connection options for engaged and entertained workouts, providing effective and scientific cardio exercises to all levels.

  • Innovative Floating Technology

    The unparalleled suspension design helps to reduce the pressure impact on joints and back. Precisely manufactured treadmills allow for high reliability and a natural feeling.

  • Tested Durability

    Excellent endurance proved by the 24-hour uninterrupted running test, supported by the industrial Mitsubishi frequency converter, Great-Wall motor, and brand running belt.

  • Easy Operation for Different Purposes

    Multiple preset programs with simple operation of several buttons to realize diversified treadmill exercises, from flat running, uphill running to variable-pace running.

Classical Gym Fixtures

A treadmill or running machine is a primary member of the cardio machine line. Fitness exercisers can do aerobic exercise by walking or running or climbing on the belt with a different moving rate.

Treadmills are a must in every gym. For running is the entry-level workout to get your exercise started.

Classical Gym Fixtures Commercial Treadmill

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Everything will be taken care of within or even lower than your budget. You are going to get the most suitable and cost-effective treadmill from us.

MCfitness is cooperating with several stable and experienced manufacturers who are the best in this category. Hence you could rely on us for sustainable treadmill supply, not to mention our quality meets or exceeds the standard of some big names.

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  • EN 957 Standard
  • Tailored Colors
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