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We Are Your Fit Partner

To the gym or wholesale, we supply integrated services of gym equipment to support all aspects of your project.

  • potencial-challanges-question-mark-iconPotential Challenges

    Difficult to procure all equipment quickly.

    Complex to manage many vendors.

    Hard to get good service with low costs.

    Confused about the reliability of China suppliers.

  • mcfitness-solutions-puzzle-iconMCfitness Solutions

    Instant supply of comprehensive categories.

    One-stop solution and project management.

    All-round service to reduce your operation costs.

    Credible selections of leading local manufacturers.

A Winning Chance

Discover your opportunity to sparkle in competition.

Become A Partner

From New to Existing GYM

A whole package planning to a new opening gym and a category upgrading suggestion to existing gyms will be provided on-demand. Whatever a workout room, fitness center, gym club, gym chain it would be, our experts will offer custom category distributing and allocating advice according to the gym scale.


From Small to Large Wholesalers

Regardless of the size of a wholesale order, we fully support your business immediately. For small or single-category gym equipment wholesaler, we supply to you the exact professional series and support your demanding quantity. For large wholesale, we are capable of supporting full series at the best price to your best benefit.


From Regular to New Partners

To regular long-term partners, we keep you in trends of the latest gym fashion. MCfitness always has something new for you and will get you immediately notified of any new arrivals. And to new customers, we got every fitness equipment you need in the market. You could choose from our outstanding portfolio or experience the professional OEM service

A Complete Supply Chain to Stand Out

Our integrated supply chain including bespoke project planning, transparent production management, stringent quality control and efficient logistics support, is running smoothly for the purpose of maximizing your margins.

The open-and-honest insight into each partnership allow us to stay in the fore. At all times, we will keep you informed of each process by instant photos and videos. At last, we stand out by genuine and trust.


Professional Equipment to the Experienced

We have been digging into the fitness equipment industry for more than 6 years with rich experience of each aspect. Just like our customers, we both understand what elements an excellent fitness machine should have.

For MCfitness, we output professional workout machines with exceptional features and finer quality to help you outperform competition.


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