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Swing to The Rewarding Direction

Solid cast iron kettlebell ensuring brilliant ergonomics and long durability, the superior choice for the commercial gym.

Kettlebell Swing to the Rewarding Direction
  • Comprehensive Kettlebell Set

    All-around kettlebell weight set from 4KG to 48KG, cast iron kettlebell with various weights and sizes to achieve different workout results.

  • Better Explosiveness and Stability

    Compared to dumbbells and barbells, kettlebells work better to improve the overall explosive power. Besides, the smooth and flat base allows for stable swinging and storage.

  • Favorable to Experts

    Apart from its exceptional explosiveness, kettlebells become more favorable to the fighters and martial artists by their assistance in multiple movements.

Explosive Weightlifting

The kettlebell is a cast steel ball with a handle attached to the top, which is involved in many kinds of exercises, including but not limited to the ballistic workout that combines the cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training. The kettlebell is also a primary equipment used in the weight lifting exercise.

Explosive Weightlifting Kettlebell Training

Simplifying Your Procurement

Our careful selection of the high-standard kettlebell manufactures guarantee the consistent improvement of your procurement performance. And MCfitness not only has a wide distribution of leading factory network but also has all supportive services from end to end to ensure your purchasing the most proper products very quickly.

  • Favorable Price
  • Samples Available
  • CE Certified
  • Custom Order
Simplifying Procurement Kettlebell Designing

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