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Olympic bars of professional design and technology for the commercial weightlifting exercise.

Add Your Bar Barbell Weight Plate
  • All Barbell Weight Set

    A full range of barbell set from 10KG to 50KG for men and women. By adding or reducing weight plates, users could train the muscle endurance and balance in different levels.

  • Standard and Nonstandard Barbells

    Standard barbells for the Olympics, with strict requests on sizes, weights, and structure of barbell bar, weight and clamp, while nonstandard barbells with less stringent requests.

  • For All Fitness Levels

    Accompanied by music, barbell training becomes an enjoyable body-pump. And our studiously crafted barbells could suit exercisers from juniors to athletes.

Olympic Weightlifting

A barbell is a piece of core workout equipment for weight training, bodybuilding, weightlifting, and powerlifting. It consists of a long bar with weight plates attached at each end. Apart from that, it is a professional training and competitive tool in the Olympic games.

Olympic Weightlifting Barbell Training

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