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Date: May, 2017
  • Demand

    1. A regular customer with 7th cooperation of the strength line before, asked for the 8th time request on the cardio line;

    2. Rapid Delivery. A gym equipment wholesaler of Argentina, who needed a fast and in-time delivery from us to ensure their consistent and stable inventory;

    3. Flexible and High-Capacity Packing. Needed to load as much equipment as possible in one container;

    4. Clear Labels. Customer needed a well-organized inventory management after receipt of the equipment to resell to their consumers;

    5. Custom Logo. For branding and image management.

  • Solution

    1. Highest-Standard support as always for each cooperation;

    2. Semi-manufactured Equipment Allocation. Considering long sailing schedule to Argentina, we saved more time for customer by preparing semi-finished products beforehand, and accomplishing efficient production and rapid shipment ahead of schedule;

    3. Optimal and Integrated Packing Solution. The packing list was carefully studied by the department of packing. After that we output a best personalized loading solution with more loading capacity. By this integrated packing, we succeeded in saving more costs for the customer to increase more sales;

    4. Thoughtful Labeling. Clear labels with full details were designed for each package. Together with our particular packing lists, it was convenient and time-saving for customer to precisely find whatever equipment they needed for an organized warehousing and easy management;

    5. Demand-oriented Custom Service. We printed the nice-looking logo perfectly on the right place of the fitness equipment as per customer’s request for the stylish branding image and promotion;

    6. Exclusive Extra Support. Sufficient accessories were well prepared for each order. Aftersales issues like replacement would be so much easier with these extra spare parts. And new parts could arrive to customer in 4-5 days if needed. Besides, we provided the web-based guidance once there were any assembly problems.

  • Feedback

    We’ve maintained a pleasant partnership ever since. The customer was approving and utilized our gym equipment series to attend the trade shows both in Argentina and the US.


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